Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Update and a Portrait Session

Hey there!
As you have probably guessed after my last post, there have been many things keeping me from blogging lately. (Such as #life and #nanowrimocraziness) We've had friends from out of state come this month and it has been wild but wonderful.*

These photos were so much fun to take, the whole session was a blast! Not to mention she picked a super cute outfit and a GORGEOUS dress. I loved all the color in it and it really brought these photos up a notch.

*Hint: if you make it to the end of the post, there will be some wild and wonderful moments shared there. ;)

I'm super blessed to have worked with such a sweet girl and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Now for some fun!

Some Wild (But Wonderful) Moments:

- Recoding a TRULY TERRIBLE christmas medley to send to a friend. It was a parody on the typical trio full of terrible transitions and some glass shattering high notes from our soprano. (Which was hilarious because she actually super good.)

- Eating two huge bags of sour jelly beans while watching the new Thor movie with two of my sibling and four friends. 

- Dressing up five adorable little girls with make up, hair do's, jewelry, hats, scarves etc. and throwing a ball. It was so much fun to watch them! They loved it. 

- Blasting Broadway soundtracks in the car with all the windows down. 

- Getting funny looks and lots of comments when my sister and I go to Starbucks dressed in 1910's and 1940's fashions. 

- Forgetting the door open while my friend Emma and I were sprawled on our beds (not in the most graceful positions ever...)  checking our Instagram. Yeah, someone walked by and said, "I really hope you two aren't texting each other." *face palm* 

- Trying to cook for an army when we haven't gone shopping yet. 

- Staying up too late. (Plus an all-nighter!)

Stuff the Little Ones Said:

- Four-year-old Katie at a completely random moment, "What's up dudes?" 

- Speaking of a drum, "Is that the thing with the thing that goes, BOOM BOOM BOOM!?"

- "Where's your husband?" (Like, ????) 

- "I don't have a best friend because all them serve different purposes."

- "Whoa, my lips look weird!" (That would be after she tried lipstick for the first time! XD) 

In Conclusion:

It's been a pretty great month, if a little crazy and I am SO blessed to have so many good friends. I love them all and wouldn't trade this time with them for anything!  After NaNo, I'm hoping things will calm down a little and I will be able to get pack to some of the things I've been neglecting. *ahem, blogging* 

What have you been up to lately? Has anything awkward happened to you recently? Let me know in the comments! 

~ Sarah Leana

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