Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cast and Characters #1: Introducing Theodore Howard

Hey Y'all!
Over the next few posts I'm going to introduce you to some of my characters from my WIP, Holly. I'm starting with Theodore, one of my two main characters. Some of it is written from his point of view and I'm loving his voice!!!

Character Blurb

Theodore is a penniless pianist who wouldn't have it any other way. Being invisible suits him; he loves to be alone with his thoughts and his music. He sees the world very differently than most people because he has a gift that no one else can understand. At least, that is what he thought.

He is proved wrong when he meets Holly, a girl who soon becomes his fast friend and is destined to change his life forever. Thrown onto a path of success and fame, Theodore struggles with the visibility of the situation. With so many eyes on him, someone is bound to discover his secret and resurface the past that he has been working so hard to forget.

Fun Facts!

  • He is often mildly sarcastic.
  • He hates cats and glitter.
  • He loves doing impersonations (and he's pretty good at them!)
  • He is 5' 6" tall.

And A Little Excerpt...

"It sure was swell running through the streets in the freezing morning air. Everyone stared like they had seen a madman rush past. I’ll bet they never guessed they actually had. I must be mad if I would condemn myself to this torture. By the time I reached the theater my hair was back to its usual state. Messy. And like the chucklehead I know I am I had forgotten my hat."

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So what do you think?
Is Theodore a character you would like to read about?
Share a little about your MC in the comments if you want!

~ Sarah Leana

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